Relius Medical is now
EPTAM Precision Metals

New Heritage Capital (“Heritage”) is pleased to announce that its portfolio company EPTAM has acquired substantially all of the assets of Relius Medical (“Relius” or the “Company”), a Colorado Springs, CO based provider of complex metals machining solutions to the medical device market. The acquisition will broaden EPTAM’s core capabilities, enabling the company to better serve its customers with a one-stop-shop solution for precision components. The combined company is being re-branded as EPTAM Precision.


Relius Medical’s major activity is contract manufacturing of orthopedic medical devices as well as continuously producing custom, non-orthopedic related products.


In all product areas, we provide expert engineering services to support our customers in their product design for manufacturability and process development activities.


Relius Medical is in the process of completing validation on a sterile 10k clean room. This capability will allow us to design, produce, package, inventory, and ship products direct to their sterilizer and/or depot, minimizing supply chain variables.

Careers at Relius