About Relius

Relius Medical has commenced operations with considerable size and strength with the purchase of previously held assets and the continued employment of those already shown to be working effectively within the organizational structure.

Current Relius Medical workforce stands at around 100 people and occupies a 89,000 square foot facility in Colorado Springs, Colorado, perched near the base of Pikes Peak. Our facility is sufficiently large enough to allow for future expansion opportunities. Relius Medical runs a 3-shift, 24 hour, operation in order to flexibly accommodate our customer’s requirements.

Relius Medical’s major activity is contract manufacturing of orthopedic medical devices as well as continuously producing custom, non-orthopedic related products. In all product areas, we provide expert engineering services to support our customers in their product design for manufacturability and process development activities.

Relius Medical is a complete manufacturing facility with capabilities ranging from cells designed and engineered for high-volume; high speed, production and cells designed and engineered for low volume, high speed production.

Relius Medical is in the process of completing validation on a sterile 10k clean room. This capability will allow us to offer existing and new customers the ability to have product designed, produced, packaged, inventoried, and shipped direct to their sterilizer and/or depot. This minimizes the supply chain variables and offers Relius Medical a “one stop shop” ability.